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Top 7 CyberSecurity Preditions for 2022

What trends are worth watching in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape? What types of threats are likely to emerge? What is worth paying attention to? Read the list of threats from Łukasz Wójcik, Head of CyberRisk.   Supply Chain Threats [...]

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7 Trends To Watch in 2022

What phenomena and trends are worth watching in the new year? Which events will change the economic reality? Will the COVID-19 pandemic continue to affect the business environment? Check out the #TrendsToWatch2022 recommendations by Bartosz Pastuszka, CEO of NaviRisk. [...]

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NaviRisk is a new Supporting Partner of the Coalition: #TogetherForHeroes

The Polish “Grow Up With Us Foundation” (Fundacja “Dorastaj z Nami”) has been running the National Systemic Assistance Programme – Coalition: #TogetherForHeroes since 2017. The program brings together both small and medium-sized enterprises and large listed companies. The Coalition [...]

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COVID hiccups on energy construction sites.

Wysokie Napięcie

One can make a blind bet that inflation will be the No. 1 topic in 2022. Rising prices will also raise the cost of energy transition projects and create tensions between contractors and investors on energy construction sites.

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Sygnaliści w natarciu

Puls Biznesu

Na 15 zgłoszeń potwierdza się jedno. System sygnalizowania nieprawidłowości w firmach wykorzystują konkurenci.

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Na inwestycje wodne potrzeba 44 mld zł

Puls Biznesu

Wodociągi, studnie, systemy uzdatniania, fotowoltaika, sieci IT — to zadania do 2027 r. Firmy mogą podnieść taryfy, by je dofinansować, ale to zwiększy wodne ubóstwo.

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Kyiv not Kiev: Why spelling matters in your business relationships with Ukrainian partners?

A number of global heavy weights have recently adopted the Ukrainian-language derived “Kyiv” as their official spelling for the country’s capital city, replacing the Russian-rooted “Kiev.” This trend began with The Associated Press in late August 2019. Since then, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Telegraph, and the BBC have followed suit. It is worth keeping these nuances in mind, […]

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Crisis management in Ukraine – what you should know about doing business in a zone of potential armed conflict.

Recently, media reports have been reporting increased Russian military activity close to the borders of northeastern Ukraine. The situation is dynamic, and there are so many areas that tension between Russia and Belarus on the one hand, and Ukraine, Poland, and EU and NATO countries on the other, all of which have different interests, could […]

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SUPPLY CHAIN CRISIS 2021 What do you need to know?

If you recently encountered empty shelves in your local supermarket, then you’re not alone. People around the world are experiencing a wide range of inventory shortages: from the key ingredient used in fake tans, through IKEA furniture to more indispensable commodities such as microchips and pharmaceuticals. Read the report by NaviRisk analyst, Michalina Grzelka. There’s […]

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