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REPORT Financial crimes – Poland, Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia in 2020

Almost every day media informs us about financial scandals or crimes committed by large corporations, banks, investors, and individuals. Our experts from NaviRisk have compiled them for you. There are many ways to move money out of companies. Some activities have amateurish character and are easily identifiable, however, in many cases we face with operations […]

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NaviRisk strengthens its presence in Czechia and Slovak Republic

Development of services in the area of business security, investigations, risk management and cybersecurity are the main tasks of the new NaviRisk partner TOP security s.r.o. and Ondřej Šlechta, associate consultant for the Czech and Slovak markets. – We are consistently building a global network of business security consultants, so we are pleased that our […]

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REPORT Hacker Attack. A practical guide what to do.

Do you suspect a hacker has attacked you? Wondering what to do first? Turn off the computer, log out of current applications, call the bank first, or your wife? Don’t panic. Check if you have followed our expert’s recommendations. See and download our guide and keep it close by. Hackers attack – guidebook Once you […]

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Koronawirus sprzyja hakerom

Zerwane łańcuchy dostaw i praca zdalna ułatwiają działalność cyberoszustom. Przejmują ładunki, za które nie płacą, wysyłają lewe faktury

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Biznes nie zgadza się na rozszerzoną odpowiedzialność

Eksperci organizacji pracodawców bardzo krytycznie oceniają pomysł Ministerstwa Sprawiedliwości, by uchwalić nową ustawę o odpowiedzialności podmiotów zbiorowych.

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Ryzyko pod kontrolą

60 proc. – o tyle wzrosła w drugim kwartale bieżącego roku wartość średniego okupu związanego z atakami za pomocą szkodliwego oprogramowania.

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#BusinessRisk​ Talks – part 1

  The coronavirus pandemic affects every aspect of state and society, including the image of crime in Poland and worldwide. – We are already observing the effects of a coronavirus pandemic in the changing structure of crimes committed, and in the future, it is likely to cause changes in the size of crime as well […]

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Zero-Day vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange and their serious effects we do not know yet

MS Exchange gaps still threaten companies, public benefit organizations and many institutions. Although more than 90% of servers have been patched and vulnerabilities removed, the problem is that it is not known how many systems were already attacked before the vulnerability was removed. Appropriate scripts and guides from Microsoft come to the rescue here, which […]

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Dedicated Cybersecurity Officer (DCSO)

A Dedicated Cybersecurity Officer (DCSO) is a person to whom the client entrusts all the competences in the field of security. Protection of all processes and each team member, from the top management to regular colleagues and relations with contractors. We will ensure an appropriate IT and information security level throughout your entire business in […]

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