April 25, 2023

Phishing Awareness Training – Simulating Phishing Attacks

Phishing training for employees is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your company’s defences against malware, ransomware, data loss and Business E-mail Compromise (BEC) attacks. Experience shows that awareness campaigns result in a significantly reduced click-through rate after each subsequent campaign. An employee who has made a mistake becomes more vigilant and more resistant to social engineering attacks.

What can we do to protect you and your assets?

  • As part of our service, we prepare an awareness campaign, which sends several (1-4) e-mails that look like real phishing e-mails to all employees. The content of the e-mail is prepared so that it is targeted at the company’s employees. After clicking on the link, the employee sees a fake login page, which allows them to check whether they are willing to provide their data to cybercriminals.
    We can attach a fake attachment to an e-mail and then verify that the employee has opened it
  • All of the above actions are the same as in a real attack. Except that it takes place under controlled conditions, and no data on usernames and passwords are collected or transferred to anyone. We only collect information on which employees can be deceived during an attack.
  • At the end of the collection period, we generate a report of who clicked on the fake link and who entered their credentials on the fake, affected page.
  • When an employee clicks on a fake link, the relevant information page can be displayed, resulting in immediate and highly effective training.
  • It is also possible to prepare a prepared file, which can then be placed on a portable disk and delivered, for example, to the office. Each time an employee opens a file, it is immediately reported
  • Repeated, cyclical and well-thought-out, properly planned campaigns allow you to consolidate correct habits even in the most resistant employees
  • Cyclic activities show the progress of increasing awareness and, thus, the company’s resistance to phishing attacks.

Feel free to contact us to prepare an offer that will be ideally suited to your company. What’s more, on the occasion of the upcoming picnic and springtime, we have prepared special offers containing as many as four awareness campaigns that we will carry out for your company over the next quarters.


Contact: info@wearenavirisk.com

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