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NaviRisk Group is a global network of business risk, intelligence, cyber and security consulting firms. The group was formed in response to multinational companies' needs for local access to world-class services and advice, regardless of time zone or location.

The NaviRisk Group's partner network consists of professional companies and consultants around the world who are involved in finding solutions for all tasks of NaviRisk's global clients.

We cooperate at many levels - depending on your needs and aspirations for incorporating new products, services, capabilities and group synergies into your local portfolio. We offer partnerships as a Partner or Member of the NaviRisk Group.

We welcome organizations and entities that maintain high professional standards in their consulting and operational services and adhere to a code of ethics.

Do you want to maximize your company's business opportunities in the field of risk, intelligence and security consulting? Join NaviRisk Group's global network of experts.

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SecUA is a risk and security consulting firm that specializes in supporting Western and international companies operating in Ukraine and Post-Soviet countries. SecUA is a part of international security-risk advisory group NaviRisk.
SecUA team combines experience, competences and cultural understanding of local Ukrainian professionals with the extensive transnational practice of NaviRisk. Our consultants have extensive operational background in providing risk and security related consulting services in various regions of the world, focusing on Central and Northern Europe. Team of SecUA includes professionals in information gathering and analysis, investigations, forensic accounting, close protection and technical security. SecUA has wide-ranging network of trusted partner entities that have the necessary resources to provide security related services in various locations of Ukraine.


NORDSAGE is an independent consulting firm that operates in the sphere of corporate risks, crisis management and business security. Home market of NORDSAGE is Baltic countries and Northern Europe, however our operational capabilities and experience extend further to Eastern Europe and Post-Soviet area. Preventive and corrective services offered by NORDSAGE fall into four main areas: Intelligence, Investigations, Risk Management and Crisis Management.

TOP security

TOP security s.r.o. have been offering security services for over 20 years and currently have 14 branches all over the Czech Republic. Originally focused on interconnecting guarding services with technical security, the company later started emphasizing the role of corporate security, including risk management, security advisory, investigation, and business intelligence. Currently, TOP security supports clients in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and maintains contacts with reliable business partners and consultants in Poland, Germany, or United Kingdom.


KARAMA Ltd. supports companies and public institutions by offering protection in the field of information and personal data. The team consists of legal, public policy and data protection experts who develop strategies, reports and audits to support security. The company's main goal is to provide an individual approach and commitment to our clients, and to solve even the most intricate cases effectively and efficiently



ASIS International Poland Chapter

Founded in 1955, ASIS International is the world's largest organization of safety management professionals. With hundreds of affiliates worldwide, ASIS is recognized as the premier source of knowledge, certification, networking, research, and best practice. ASIS International, through the development of ASIS Poland, plans to build partnerships with representatives of Polish companies, government institutions, and individuals for whom security is one of the most important values and sometimes a way of life and career path. Access to the daily press, the possibility of obtaining CCP, PCI, APP, PSP certificates - these is only some of the advantages of participation in the association. What counts in the field of safety are aspects such as speed, knowledge, and modern technologies, as well as a consistent and clear exchange of knowledge between science and practice.

Entrepreneurship Centre of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw

The Entrepreneurship Centre is an interdisciplinary unit of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw, whose primary task is to promote widely understood entrepreneurship, conduct research and build relations with the business world. It cooperates with other units of the University of Warsaw, other universities in Poland and in the world, as well as with business environment institutions and enterprises, including those founded by the University's graduates.

Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers

Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers is a nationwide organization of companies from the infrastructure and construction industry which together represent over 70 percent of the potential of the general investment contractor market in Poland. Member companies include companies involved in the comprehensive execution of investments, developer companies, specialist design companies, companies producing materials for the construction industry, providing technology, and others related to the infrastructure and construction industry.

The Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

The Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce brings together member companies from both Poland and Ukraine, which, thanks to the support of the Chamber, can benefit from the potential of the organisation and cooperation between members. Supporting the development of companies belonging to the Chamber, PUIG provides services in, among others, acquiring new clients, preparing lists of potential partners, searching for potential suppliers, distributors or subcontractors.

The Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce

The Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (SPCC) is an association created by business people and entrepreneurs associated with Scandinavia. SPCC's head office is located in Warsaw, but the organization is active in the whole country. Since the beginning of 2015, SPCC has its regional office in Gdynia. Additionally the Chamber has its representatives in Szczecin and is also active in Wroclaw and Poznan. SPCC brings together over 400 members and is one of the largest bilateral chambers in Poland.

The Polish Center For International Aid

The Polish Center For International Aid (PCPM) is the largest polish secular non-governmental organization, in terms of its annual cash flow and number of field-based missions, providing foreign humanitarian and development assistance. PCPM was established in 2006 and since then has implemented projects in Lebanon, Ukraine, Nepal, Peru, South Sudan, Uganda, Tajikistan, Palestine, Georgia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq and Burkina Faso. Good PCPM Partner is a program that improves the lives of specific families and communities through the cooperation of the PCPM Foundation with Polish companies. It aims to fight malnutrition and improve access to education. It was created for small and medium companies and sole proprietorships. The company that donates has a real impact on the situation in a particular place in the world.

Swedish Chamber of Commerce for Eurasia

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for Eurasia is an information and contact organization. Our mission is to promote trade between Sweden and Eurasia as well as to work as a forum for new ideas and exchanging of experiences. Our member companies represent a broad experience both on the Eurasia and Swedish markets.

“Grow up with Us” Foundation

The “Fundacja Dorastaj z Nami” (“Grow up with Us” Foundation) is the only non-governmental organization in Poland that for more than 10 years has inspired various social and business groups to act together to help the children of firefighters, mountain rescuers, soldiers, police officers, and health care workers fighting Covid-19 who were killed or seriously injured in the course of their duties.
The Foundation's mission is to provide long-term support to children and young people during their education. Thanks to the activities of the Foundation, wards until the age of 25 receive financial scholarships, regular educational and psychological assistance, and support in entering the labor market. Since its establishment, the “Fundacja Dorastaj z Nami” has taken care of almost 300 children. The Foundation also aims to build an ethos of public service. As an organizer of exhibitions, social campaigns, and debates, the Foundation brings society closer to the work of people who devote their lives to serving others.

Swedish-Polish Chamber of Commerce

Swedish-Polish Chamber of Commerce - a member-financed non-profit association whose purpose is to support the members and their Swedish-Polish business relations. The chamber’s members are companies and organizations of all sizes from international giants to sole proprietorships in both Sweden and Poland and in a variety of industries. Its task is to embrace this commitment and to support the members by facilitating their business activities focused on Sweden and Poland.


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