Our solutions

We deliver high quality, cost-effective custom solutions for many types of businesses. We create a roadmap for each proposal, taking into account what the future may bring, to ensure that the solution has a long and productive life and focuses on maximising our clients’ return on investment. Our solutions help eliminate the key obstacles that prevent clients from achieving utmost results.

The solutions we create are unique and address our clients’ specific business needs. These custom approaches are based on our experts’ knowledge and experience who use the latest cybersecurity and profit protection technology. At NaviRisk, we take a holistic approach to every problem, so if the situation requires, we also offer legal support or investment advice.


Eastshield is a venture capital company founded in 2014, with branches in Warsaw and Stockholm. The main goal is to support growing companies. It offers not only the capital, but also an extensive network of contacts and a team with wide range of competences, ready to devote time and skills to provide a push that new enterprises need to follow in the right direction. It invests in the development of companies operating in industries such as security, risk management, defense, cyber security and LifeScience.


The CyberPrevent Solutions service is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your company's security posture. It's industry-leading technology, backed by a team of experts will allow you to safely grow your business. CyberPrevent Solutions' managed security services leverage investments in threat intelligence and advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and world-class, state-of-the-art enterprise solutions.


Crisis Legal Solutions (CLS) is a law firm focused on finding effective and practical solutions to complicated legal or crisis situations. It handles cases regarding criminal law relating to business, fraud, white collar crime and embezzlement. Moreover, it provides extensive legal support in crisis situations concerning conflicts of interest or conflicts between partners. It also help ensuring compliance with Polish and international law.


Brand Authentication Solutions is an innovative technology which enables discrete marking of any 2D codes. Brand Authentication Solutions is a tool for product security and authentication, brand protection and supply chain control. It accommodates marketing and consumer education and supports the customer service process. BAS builds a unique identity for each product, allowing to strengthen consumers' involvement and loyalty.


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