About us



At NaviRisk, we understand that risk cannot be eliminated, but it can be managed. Thanks to our specialists’ knowledge and experience, we have been successfully navigating people and companies through business risks and opportunities for years.

We use the latest know-how backed by our specialists’ long-standing expertise, who have gained their proficiency by participating in many international projects. Our multinational and multidisciplinary team consists of experienced professionals who have developed the security and risk management industry in many Central and Eastern European and Scandinavian countries.

We operate globally, supporting our local partners around the world with our expertise and technological background. Leveraging our global reach, we provide international organisations with a single source for business advice on risk, intelligence and business security projects.

At NaviRisk, we are guided by our business ethics – offering comprehensive support based on mutual trust and respect for our clients’ values. We are committed to ensuring that our clients’ visions, goals and strategies remain undisturbed and can be realised.

NaviRisk is a global network of business risk, intelligence, cybersecurity and security consulting companies. NaviRisk was established to respond to the needs of multinational companies looking for local access to world-class services and consulting, regardless of time zone and locations. As risk, intelligence and security companies are usually present in one city or country, NaviRisk offers a global capability that can respond to multinational clients’ needs much more efficiently than an isolated company.


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