Brand protection


At NaviRisk, we see brand protection as a process and set of actions that we help the rights owner take to prevent third parties from using their intellectual property without permission. We know how important this is to our customers' business because it can result in lost revenue and, more importantly, damage brand value, reputation and trust. To carry out this process effectively, we use our international experience, contacts and various skills to ensure that trademarks, patents and brands are respected by the market and are secured.

One of the common problems we see in many types of business, e.g. pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, food and chemical industries, is counterfeiting. This phenomenon may concern tangible goods, which involves trademark infringement. The work of our experienced team at NaviRisk in the field of Brand Protection works towards eliminating counterfeit products from the market and making it more difficult for them to enter the market.



In-depth analysis

At NaviRisk, when combating counterfeiting and protecting a brand, we always put the customer at the centre. Through an in-depth analysis of the situation, we determine the scope of action needed, analyse the strength of the brand and the associated risks, and study the market. At the end of the process, we measure the business impact on brand revenue.

Gathering evidence

Protecting a brand requires different approaches, which we successfully address at NaviRisk. Eliminating diversion, grey zone or product theft and resale are usually included as part of NaviRisk's brand protection strategy. The main objective is to minimise the loss of revenue from the company's portfolio due to illegal and counterfeit products offered by the criminal supply chain and their route to market.

Organising operational activities

A key success factor in brand protection activities is to have a good understanding of the problem and how to address it effectively At NaviRisk, we invest in strong relationships with industry organisations and associations, recognise the specifics of the market and its needs, guarantee the right organisational structure and Root-To-Market competence. Our advantage is a strong international base of experts operating in local markets, professionals in investigations and brand protection. We organise operational activities (throughout Europe) ending with the purchase of samples.

Expanding relationships with law enforcement agencies

At NaviRisk, our team consists of experts in market intelligence, risk management, law and analytics. These unique NaviRisk competencies ensure a holistic approach and a customised approach to each case in the market.

Drawing on a wealth of business and international experience, from intelligence gathering to enforcement, swift action, internal and external support to awareness raising and professional communication, we move globally but act locally. We expand relationships with law enforcement agencies (mainly customs), by providing training and lectures to obtain the highest quality market information on counterfeit hot spots and risk analysis.


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