Corporate investigations


Where there is money, problems can also arise: frauds and abuses within the company's structures, or unfair actions by competitors. In order to protect the image, values, and capital of a client’s company, more sophisticated solutions are often needed than support from their own compliance department, law firm or local law enforcement agencies. We know that our client's time is his money, so we never waste it.




At NaviRisk, we know that companies' job is to make money. However, sometimes their employees try to gain more than the law and their employment contract allow.

Theft, fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation of company assets, unauthorised activities or misuse of confidential information are all issues that our experienced NaviRisk team of specialists counteracts. Sometimes, however, we face a situation where it is too late for prevention. Our task then is to help you reliably demonstrate what has happened and how to mitigate these abuses' consequences.


In the 2020s, a challenge more significant than a lack of information is its excess.NaviRisk's information brokers know how to find the right information, assess its quality, select, collate and analyse it, and finally present to our clients in a clear and comprehensible manner

We constantly surprise our customers with how much data can be readable to almost everyone, and at the same time not lose anything of its complexity.


Using a strong base of affiliated analysts and investigators, at NaviRisk, we conduct a wide range of tailor-made anti-fraud investigations to defend the interests of our clients' companies.

Analysts, developing a picture of the situation based on collected fragments of information, prepare the basis for detectives' fieldwork. They, in return, provide analysts with material for drawing conclusions. Such cooperation has repeatedly proven to be extremely effective. At NaviRisk, we act without undue delay, reliably, inconspicuously, and ethically. Worldwide and around the clock.


Building a litigation advantage is a team effort. Our panel of experienced specialists - lawyers, detectives and analysts – has had years of experience collecting evidence in corporate malpractice cases.

The materials and reports they gather give our client an advantage in court or allow a fair assessment of a situation involving a suspected breach of business ethics. We will also provide support in a comprehensive asset survey.


Our competitive analysis focuses on examining the current facts about the competition, the industry, or the market.

Our research covers the competition's strengths and weaknesses, its strategy and modus operandi, and the company's real position in the market. At NaviRisk, we review various aspects of competitors: market position, employment structure, deliverables, marketing strategies, reputation, operating mechanisms, and assets.


It is essential before a company enters the market. At NaviRisk, experienced experts analyse the business conditions, opportunities, and threats in your industry.

We provide advice on offensive or defensive measures to take against your competitors, both in stable European markets and in countries with higher investment risk.


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