Crisis management


Even good planning cannot prevent some crises, but they can be mitigated. NaviRisk is a specialist in providing comprehensive crisis management services and tools. Our goal is to avoid or minimise the harm a crisis can cause for an organisation and its stakeholders.

NaviRisk's delivers a holistic approach to each issue, from problem identification, through consulting, to implementing the optimal solution - for the benefit of the organisation. NaviRisk provides immediate, round-the-clock, strategic and tactical communication support by experts in crisis communication and crisis management together with cybersecurity and IT investigations, and business intelligence elements.




A strategy is part of an organisation's risk management scheme. It defines the areas or sources of potential crisis. Thus, it is also an essential aspect of crisis prevention or mitigation of known threats that could lead to a problematic situation. When an organisation engages in preparing a crisis management strategy, it dramatically increases the likelihood that calm judgment and best practices will prevail in extraordinary circumstances.

Crisis Management Strategies at NaviRisk include developing a crisis management scheme, selecting and training a crisis management team, and exercises to test both the plan and people. At NaviRisk, we know that organisations can better cope with crises when they are prepared. They should have a crisis management plan, updated at least once a year, and a designated crisis management team. They conduct exercises to test the procedures and staff at least annually, and they pre-design specific crisis messages.


Crisis management is a developed set of skills, similar to other professional skills, where proficiency is acquired through professional instruction, extensive practice and on-the-job implementation. Clear rules and effective regular training help minimise violent incidents and escalation of crises.

Business reality can involve challenging behaviours and possibly dangerous situations that arise at unpredictable times. How such actions are responded to and managed largely determines the outcome, from the impact on everyone's immediate safety to the long-term viability of the organisation. At NaviRisk, we believe that being prepared before an incident occurs is an invaluable part of crisis management. Learning to recognise the warning signs of escalating behaviour can provide the edge an organisation needs to prevent a spiral that can deteriorate into an uncontrolled situation. Using NaviRisk's training programme, our clients can teach their teams early intervention and non-physical methods to prevent and manage destructive behaviour. The skills gained will facilitate work at all management levels within the organisation.


NaviRisk provides a comprehensive range of executive protection services worldwide. We use our global presence, thorough understanding and analysis of threat factors, and the expertise of our experts and tacticians to protect our clients from threats of physical violence and reputational damage. Working with our clients is primarily based on the mutual trust we have built up over the years.

International travel involves numerous complex administrative, logistical and security issues. Our experienced team of threat analysts and executive protection specialists have worked internationally for many years and will ensure that our clients' interests are protected when travelling abroad. All NaviRisk executive protection specialists are culturally conversant with the environments where they operate, speak the local languages, and have an in-depth knowledge of major threat environments to formulate the best-tailored protection plan and create a safe environment in which you can achieve your goals. NaviRisk experts thus have a long and proven record of providing top-class executive protection services, even in some of the world's most difficult and challenging locations.


Public Relations practitioners are an integral part of crisis management teams.

Effective crisis management minimises damage and can even improve the company's reputation if leaders communicate quickly, frankly, and transparently.

Crisis management public relations seal the company off from such events' negative consequences, allowing it to move on as soon as possible. There is no crystal ball in effective crisis management PR, and no one has a universal solution - how a company should handle a difficult situation. At NaviRisk, we offer practical assistance in guiding your company through the crisis and beyond - from defining potential crisis areas to post-crisis strategies and recommendations for preventing their future occurrence. We develop strategies for all stakeholders and executives to communicate difficult messages, with empathy and transparency efficiently. We draw up press releases for the media. We monitor and analyse media communication and social media comments, and make recommendations on trends, minimising adverse side effects. Once the worst of the crisis has passed, we help analyse the overall response to determine what worked well and what needs a change next time and how to engage in a long-term content marketing campaign.


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