March 7, 2021

Business continuity (BCP) and Crisis management

A reliable risk analysis, a good security strategy and appropriate security solutions built on their basis are one thing.

But for a company to survive a difficult time, whether as a result of a threat or especially, one that could not be predicted, it is necessary to have plans that will indicate specific steps and responsibilities to maintain or quickly restore business continuity.

We build and evaluate scenarios for critical processes and assets in the company in the event of failure or unavailability of IT services, devices and processes. We implement appropriate solutions that reduce the risk of business continuity.

We help companies in which there has been a challenging crisis related to, for example, a cyber attack, data leakage or business continuity disruption. We help you quickly get your business back into operation and reduce potential losses.

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Dedicated Cybersecurity Officer (DCSO)

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Incident Response 24/7, SOCS, IR, SOARS

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Operational and organisational security, Policies and procedures

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