March 7, 2021

Cyber and Information Security Strategy

Today, when one of the company’s essential resources is information, which is already processed mainly by IT systems, it is necessary to strategically look at IT services and their development while taking care to protect them. To maintain a strong position in the market, companies should consciously invest in new technologies, process automation, and information flows. The broad spectrum of possibilities related to the use of IT environments inside the organisation, public and private clouds, also raises many risks associated with business continuity, the security of processed data, quality, and communication security. It is necessary to implement effective organisational, legislative and technological tools that will ensure the safe conduct of business. On the other hand, they will facilitate the development of enterprise computerisation.

First of all, our services will indicate the company’s cyber maturity level, identify potential in this area, and identify risks.

We will define the direction of developing processes responsible for maintaining security in the company, securing all infrastructure elements and the processed information. We will help you determine the criticality of processes and services and the priorities of activities concerning budgeting investments in IT and cybersecurity. We will indicate specific recommendations and solutions that will minimise risks to the highest degree, optimise costs and build a security model for the entire organisation.

When building and implementing a strategy, we equip the management with several tools that monitor and support decision-making processes in IT and cybersecurity.

A transparent strategy will fit into the company’s management and executive plans at all levels of its activity.

We always provide a holistic approach that allows you to see the needs and limitations of business and technology with a comprehensive view. Thanks to this approach, there is no conflict between business and IT, security, and operation ease.

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