March 7, 2021

Dedicated Cybersecurity Officer (DCSO)

A Dedicated Cybersecurity Officer (DCSO) is a person to whom the client entrusts all the competences in the field of security. Protection of all processes and each team member, from the top management to regular colleagues and relations with contractors. We will ensure an appropriate IT and information security level throughout your entire business in organisational, technological and legislative areas.

A dedicated IT and information security officer (CISO), together with a whole team of independent and experienced experts, will build, implement and develop an effective security strategy.

We will adapt our methodology and many years of experience from many projects implemented for various clients to the size of the organisation and industry needs. We will optimise the costs associated with minimising risks.

The main element of the service

  • building, implementing and implementing a full security strategy;
  • constant maintenance of security in the organisational, procedural and technological context in all areas;
  • maintaining the security of equipment, applications and telecommunications networks;
  • IT risk management, risk identification and mitigation;
  • handling incidents, violations and security events, post-event analysis;
  • optimisation of IT and information security maintenance costs;
  • current information on the latest threats, current and planned attacks;
  • safety and risk assessment of new business, organisational and technological solutions; ensuring security and compliance for new and existing projects;
  • independent and neutral selection and implementation of security solutions;
  • creating and implementing policies, procedures, instructions;
  • ensuring compliance with legislation and other regulations and standards in the field of IT and information security;
  • advice to the management;
  • Executive Cybersecurity – eliminating risks to key people and the most valuable information in the company;
  • IT monitoring and supervision of critical employees and processes;
  • verification of the security of the implementation of outsourced IT services, shaping trust relationships with external and internal service and technology providers;
  • reports and summaries for managerial staff and low-level technical documents for IT staff, respectively;
  • assessment of the skills and maturity of individuals and cells in the field of IT and information security;
  • raising security awareness among office workers, production and management;
  • BCP – maintaining business continuity plans;
  • periodic security audits
  • new Technologies – support in agreeing and supervising the implementation of contract provisions, contracts in the area of new technologies (e.g. in the field of SLA, KPI, cloud computing, data centre, IT deployments, maintenance, service and development of IT systems, SaaS, IaaS, SMEs, etc.), resolving economic conflicts and disputes;
  • access to an expert 24/7.


  • saving up to 80% of costs – mapping an internal professional security team often at a price several times lower than maintaining a single expert;
  • flexibility of the model and scope of cooperation;
  • scalability of the service down and up;
  • neutral approach and independent of service providers and solution producers;
  • obtaining all the benefits of having your security team without the cost of acquiring and maintaining it, many years of experience and knowledge without investment;
  • competence, expertise and experience from many companies, projects, incidents,
  • dedicated Security Concierge;
  • prioritising security-related activities;
  • risk transfer – outsourcing of security obligations;
  • balance and smooth coexistence of business processes;
  • single point of contact;
  • protection of networks and other resources outside standard business hours;
  • recognition and trust in the market;
  • security for new business, organisational and technological solutions;
  • understanding and raising the level of cooperation within company policy between positions;
  • strong support for beneficiaries of business and internal processes;
  • optimisation of organisational and technological security solutions available in the company.

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