March 7, 2021

Electronic Surveillance Detection

The purpose of bug sweeping is to detect and eliminate devices used for unwanted acquisition of information and recording of sound or image. The service is provided with the use of our equipment and personnel.

The service is often used before important meetings are planned or in the face of uncertain external and internal conditions and circumstances within the organisation that may indicate or give rise to suspicion of surveillance.

Anti-eavesdropping tests are also recommended to be carried out periodically. Also, screening is advised in critical rooms or spaces where important meetings occur, or secret telephone conversations are often held (e.g., a board member’s office, HR and finance rooms, vehicles, etc.).

The subject of the research may include, among others: rooms, buildings, elements of equipment, means of transport.

Scope of inspection:

  • detection and location of digital and analogue electronic systems of emission: radio, television, electromagnetic and mobile telephony;
  • detection of camouflaged wired microphones;
  • location and identification of devices hidden in walls, ceilings and floors, and in all elements of the furnishings in the tested room;
  • measurement of electromagnetic background levels and their variations;
  • checking sockets and electrical equipment;
  • checking ventilation ducts, suspended ceilings, etc.;
  • analysis of susceptibility of the examined rooms to surveillance by laser eavesdropping;
  • examination with a thermal imaging camera – detection of thermal anomalies;
  • visual inspection.

It is also possible to carry out tests and detailed expertise of electronic and ICT equipment and other elements of room equipment or mode of transport (e.g. disassembly and detailed analysis of the electronics of the telephone, computer, air conditioning controller, etc.) in a laboratory. We can also scan objects with X-rays as a result of observing suspicions about the item.

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