March 7, 2021

Hybrid IT Security Audits

Our goal is to quickly identify gaps, vulnerabilities and errors in companies’ security systems to eliminate them and improve all processes taking place in the company. Our goal is to present optimal, effective and independent technological (IT), organisational and legal solutions.

We carry out tailor-made, dedicated audits in the field of IT and information security, which can be performed both on-site and remotely.

Service main aspects:

  • gray-box, white-box, black-box methodology;
  • automated and manual operations;
  • penetration tests;
  • interview, recognition and consultation;
  • analysis of organisational, procedural and political solutions in the field of IT security
  • and information;
  • IT security audit of all IT infrastructure software and hardware assets;
  • educating and raising awareness on an ad-hoc basis for colleagues;
  • online or on-site meeting discussing the audit and report;
  • physical and environmental security and access control;
  • testing the correct implementation of security solutions, business continuity plan, backup, encryption and technical documentation;
  • verification of the protection level against malicious software, internal and external malicious activities, leakage, theft, data loss, sabotage;
  • social engineering and phishing tests, building conscious and safe use of IT tools;
  • compliance verification with applicable standards (e.g. from the ISO 27k family), regulations and best practices, and the interpretation in this area, including in the scope of GDPR.

Our Hybrid IT Security Audit Services can handle mainly:

  • ICT Infrastructure
  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Client applications
  • Cloud infrastructure and services
  • Wireless, network, VPN, VoIP
  • PCs, laptops, servers, mobile devices, virtual environment
  • Code and configurations

Hybrid IT Security Audits is closely related to Vulnerability Management Services

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