March 7, 2021

Incident Response 24/7, SOCS, IR, SOARS

First of all, we help companies prepare for an incident.

We react to eliminate the effects of an undesirable event.

As part of proactive services related to incident management, we offer:

  • modelling and implementation as well as auditing technological and organisational solutions as part of incident management;
  • assessment of the maturity of teams within the SOC;
  • review of adopted scenarios and models of conduct;
  • workshops, training sessions in simulated conditions for both C-level and executive-level staff as well as people responsible for IT and security in crisis, incidental and emergencies;
  • providing targeted knowledge of current threats, planned and intentional fraudulent activities, and available methods of sophisticated attacks;
  • reports on threats from cyberspace prepared based on global sources dedicated to industry (ICS TRIBE Report);
  • monitoring threats, data leakage, espionage (e.g. analysis of the environment and unconventional sources);
  • providing successful methods of action against intentional and non-targeted, potential attacks against the company, institutions from outside and inside our organisation;
  • Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence – knowledge and critical strategic information about threats.

As part of reactive services we provide:

  • crisis management support in situations of cyber attacks and data leaks;
  • and occurrences of other incidents;
  • handling incidents and security events, post-event analysis;
  • stopping, blocking and limiting malicious activities;
  • mitigation of the effects of infringements;
  • computer forensics;
  • collecting data and analysing the incident and the occurrence of threats;
  • data recovery;
  • erasing data;
  • support for all types of cybersecurity offences;
  • support in cooperation with law enforcement agencies and state departments of CERT;
  • introducing changes to organisational and technological security solutions based on the results of the incident analysis.

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