March 7, 2021

PRESS RELEASE NaviRisk a partner of the prestigious University of Warsaw competition

In April we will know the winners of this year’s edition of the competition Entrepreneur of the Year at the University of Warsaw. The competition is designed for students, graduates, and employees of the University of Warsaw. NaviRisk is a partner of this unique project.

Graduates and students of the University of Warsaw are not only people finding their place in the labor market or pursuing scientific careers. They are also innovators shaping the labor market and realizing their creative ideas. As every year, the competition selects innovators shaping the labor market and implementing their creative ideas. Just such people can take part in the fourth edition of this competition.

– As NaviRisk we support all the exceptional projects, which allow us to appreciate all those who create innovations, establish and develop new enterprises and work for the economy and society – says Bartosz Pastuszka, Managing Partner- CEO of NaviRisk.

The fourth edition of the 2020 competition “Entrepreneur of the Year of the University of Warsaw” is held under the honorary patronage of the Rector of the University of Warsaw and the Marshall of the Mazowieckie  Voivodeship.

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