March 7, 2021

Operational and organisational security, Policies and procedures

The idea of ​​security should be included in the entire business, in its structure and processes. In principle, every activity performed concerning information in analogue and digital form should consider security aspects. When planning and implementing changes, you need to design them, taking into account the risk analysis. Security should be a permanent element of management information.

Clear, understandable and complete procedures and policies should define the duties and responsibilities of implementing process elements taking into account safety. Simultaneously, policies and procedures should not be bloated, which often hide in a drawer or save somewhere alongside hundreds of other computer files, and no one remembers about them. Internal regulations should be adapted to the enterprise’s real needs and capabilities and should be provided in a form and scope understandable for a given type of recipient.

Our services include building security processes and their implementation throughout the company. We create new, simple, but effective procedures and policies that ensure security and compliance with external regulations while not disrupting business and improving it. Our services also include staff training – adequately to each level and position – ensuring that the implemented safety aspects will be actually observed and at the same time will not negatively affect the quality and efficiency of work.

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