March 7, 2021

Resistance to random mistakes and unfair actions by colleagues and competitors

The cause of the events and incidents may be either a complete action or a random error, unconscious actions, a mistake. Each of these elements is often difficult to detect and adequately contain.

Accidental action based on the human factor is tough to predict and relatively easy to implement. Most often, a person committing a mistake resulting in e.g. data leakage is not aware of this fact and at the same time has appropriate authorisations in the system to perform such an action.

Targeted activities, in turn, are often very well planned and use advanced tools and technological solutions and take advantage of the weaknesses of the system and the weaknesses of the human factor, e.g. using social engineering.

Through appropriate technological, organisational and legislative solutions, our services will minimise the risk of such events. Secure technology will be able to monitor and respond to undesirable circumstances. Properly built organisational solutions and adequately trained staff will be less likely to make mistakes. They will be sensitive to the possibility of mistakes or deliberate, harmful activities inside and outside the organisation.

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