March 7, 2021

Strategy for informatisation and automation of processes and services

Incompetent use of IT systems, chaotic, unplanned, spontaneous investments and ignoring security issues lead instead of business development to its collapse.

The added value of our services is the analysis of IT maturity. It reveals the quality of the company’s IT processes and the extent to which it demonstrates the flexibility of change/development in this area.

We do not finish with the assessment itself. We also build short and long-term strategies that improve IT services’ operation, organise and automate processes through the use of the latest but proven technologies. Our activities aim to raise IT and other departments’ level of organisation and improve communication between IT and business.

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Cloud Security

Cloud, service model, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS are tremendous opportunities, savings and flexibility in the long term. It is also a new challenge related to the security of services, ensuring business continuity and protecting processed data and information. Our Cloud security management services will allow you to implement digital transformation safely.

CyberPrevent Solutions – Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

To stay ahead of cyberattacks’ dangers, we have developed CyberPrevent Solutions – fully managed security services. We will provide your company with 24-hour technical support to protect against cyber threats, and you will be able to take care of what is essential, namely running your business. Security is a 24/7 task, but it does not […]

Hybrid IT Security Audits

Our goal is to quickly identify gaps, vulnerabilities and errors in companies’ security systems to eliminate them and improve all processes taking place in the company. Our goal is to present optimal, effective and independent technological (IT), organisational and legal solutions. We carry out tailor-made, dedicated audits in the field of IT and information security, […]


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