April 12, 2021

PRESS RELEASE NaviRisk strengthens its presence in Czechia and Slovak Republic

Development of services in the area of business security, investigations, risk management and cybersecurity are the main tasks of the new NaviRisk partner TOP security s.r.o. and Ondřej Šlechta, associate consultant for the Czech and Slovak markets.

– We are consistently building a global network of business security consultants, so we are pleased that our team of experts has expanded with a new local partner – emphasizes Bartosz Pastuszka, Managing Partner- CEO of NaviRisk. – It is our local presence combined with best practices and global competencies that brings excellent results in consulting, technology and operational projects – he adds.

Ondřej Šlechta, a recognized expert in the field of corporate intelligence and investigation, will be responsible for the Czech and Slovak markets for NaviRisk. His main task will be to support NaviRisk operations in those countries.

Ondřej is a senior security consultant at TOP security in the Czech Republic and assists clients in various corporate intelligence and investigation matters. He has extensive experience in corporate security consulting. Before entering the corporate security industry, Ondrej worked for the government of the Czech Republic. He specializes in security intelligence, fraud investigations, dark web research and digital privacy. He does his work not only in the Czech Republic – he supports many international clients and partner companies throughout the CEE region. It speaks Czech, Slovak, English, German and Russian.

NaviRisk provides integrated and comprehensive services for risk management, corporate investigations, due diligence and compliance risk. It combines these with brand protection services and a broad cybersecurity offering. It supports companies in crisis situations, from strategy preparation to crisis management and public relations.

NaviRisk develops unique and cost-effective solutions to meet specific business needs. It provides tailor-made solutions, globally, 24/7.

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Magdalena Sojka-Kobrzyńska, PR Director NaviRisk



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