December 8, 2021

NaviRisk is a new Supporting Partner of the Coalition: #TogetherForHeroes

The Polish “Grow Up With Us Foundation” (Fundacja “Dorastaj z Nami”) has been running the National Systemic Assistance Programme – Coalition: #TogetherForHeroes since 2017. The program brings together both small and medium-sized enterprises and large listed companies. The Coalition partners represent diverse backgrounds, but they have one thing in common – the desire to help.

Together we help the children of Heroes

By implementing the program, the Foundation and its Coalition members wish to express their gratitude to the injured and fallen officers of all public services. They want to show support and provide assistance to their families. Since its establishment, the Foundation has taken care of nearly 300 children from all over Poland. Thanks to the Coalition, the Fundacja “Dorastaj z Nami” helps them grow up to a new life after the loss of a parent, providing long-term, systemic psychological and educational care.

NaviRisk has joined the mission

– We are extremely pleased that NaviRisk has joined the ranks of our Supporting Partners. We believe that regardless of the size of the company or organization, we can find a wide field of cooperation and together support the children of those who have been killed or injured in the course of public service – said Magdalena Pawlak, President of the Fundacja “Dorastaj z Nami”.

– Nurturing the ethos of public service and helping the weakest are values that are very important to me personally – emphasizes Bartosz Pastuszka, CEO of NaviRisk – That is why I am glad that our company can become a partner of the “Dorastaj z Nami” Foundation, which carries these very ideas on its banners, supporting the children of our heroes – he adds.

About the Foundation “Grow Up With Us”

The Fundacja “Dorastaj z Nami” is the only non-governmental organization in Poland that for more than 10 years has inspired various social and business groups to act together to help the children of firefighters, mountain rescuers, soldiers, police officers, and health care workers fighting Covid-19 who were killed or seriously injured in the course of their duties.

The Foundation’s mission is to provide long-term support to children and young people during their education. Thanks to the activities of the Foundation, wards until the age of 25 receive financial scholarships, regular educational and psychological assistance, and support in entering the labor market. Since its establishment, the Fundacja “Dorastaj z Nami” has taken care of almost 300 children.

The Foundation also aims to build an ethos of public service. As an organizer of exhibitions, social campaigns, and debates, the Foundation brings society closer to the work of people who devote their lives to serving others.

Please find more about how can you help:

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