February 17, 2022

7 Trends To Watch in 2022

What trends are worth watching in the new year? Check out the #TrendsToWatch2022 recommendations by Tomasz Kapuściński, Vice President of NaviRisk.


🔥 #ESG

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance.

The times when these issues were neglected are over and I have no doubt that in 2022 it will be a hot topic. Non-compliance with the ESG criteria will have a negative impact on employee motivation, customer loyalty, financing by banks, or competitiveness with companies that have previously implemented these solutions. A green company that respects its employees and the local community and abides by corporate governance is perceived as healthier, more consistent, and more credible.


🔥Money laundering with #cryptocurrencies

Financial crime, including money laundering, is still largely carried out in a fiat money environment. However, this practice in the world of cryptocurrencies is growing with the help of cryptocurrency tumblers, #Ethereum, #ICO, crypto-casinos, #DeFi, cryptocurrency #ATMs, and other methods.


🔥Travel #security

The #COVID19 pandemic has redefined the way we work and travel. Hopefully, 2022 will be a year of retreat for the coronavirus, but does that mean we will return to 2019 in an instant? No, many employees will still be working from home, which is a challenge for information security departments. Even if we manage to avoid a deeper socio-political crisis, we will still have to adapt to the ongoing, not always wanted changes.


🔥 #Disinformation

The cancer of disinformation and fake news is hitting the information society more severely than ever before. Regardless of its source, the threat is multidimensional and very serious. Social media was not prepared for such a crisis and faced questions about its own identity and future. The awareness of threats and the ability to select valuable facts depend only on network users. But who and how has the power to educate the information society in this area?


🔥 #Spoofing

In recent months, attacks on ICT systems in the form of impersonating various people have intensified, they included politicians, celebrities, or specialists in various fields. Telephone calls from genuine numbers to e.g. family members with deeply disturbing information were particularly intense. While some users were disturbed, others were blackmailed. Spoofing is nothing new, but the recent events related to it in Poland raise the question of how far is the limit of such proceedings?


🔥Remote companies and #PlantsVisits

Many companies, including NaviRisk offer global solutions for objective and highly professional audits of all kinds and visits to foreign branches, subsidiaries, and factories of their Clients. During the visit, photographic documentation, questionnaires, and video inspections are conducted.


🔥Illegal medicines #counterfeits

Swiss Medicines Agency: Poland is the main #hub in Eastern Europe for counterfeited medicines. The profit from the practice is often higher than from drugs, and the risk and amount of a possible penalty are much lower.

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