April 8, 2022

How the war in Ukraine changed companies’ approach to cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a crucial element of every organization’s safety. COVID_19 pandemic has changed the labor market, turning our homes into offices and our families and guest into, willing or unwilling,  spectators or even participants of our professional activities. Even though some time has already passed since the pandemic, this situation has not returned to “normal” as we knew it. Just the opposite – the possibility to work remotely is now often a key factor in deciding about future employment.

This creates huge challenges for the companies. The necessity to provide security of information and both inner and outer assets of an organization imposes foreseeing threats and taking several preventive measures as a must-to-do. At the same time, we cannot forget that actions taken should not hamper work quality and efficiency. In case of a hacking attack or incident, immediate action is vital to secure the company from damage and to take the upper hand in critical situations.

The ongoing war in Ukraine and accompanying cyberwar at the greatest scale ever seen show how cybersecurity is essential for the proper day-to-day performance of every organization. Ransomware, malware, phishing, and data theft –are only a few of the looming threats.

We are not able to foresee every danger. But we can ensure that we are properly prepared against them.

Assess the safety level, get to know your weaknesses, try to evaluate how excessive the possible losses are, and prepare your action plan. The best way to do it is to perform a complex audit of your IT and information systems safety level. In conjunction with proper penetration tests, they will expose security vulnerabilities that, if not dealt with properly, could lead the organization to disaster. Do you consider whether your employees follow network security regulations, or whether processes within the organization are optimized? Prepare relevant documents that will set necessary standards of conduct for your personnel. Enforce simple, clear, and practical security policies. Consider feasibility and evaluate the cost-benefit assessment of implementing IT solutions, automation, and optimization of processes and services. Practice is the fastest and the most efficient way for people to learn. Expedite that process by running simulated phishing campaigns and social tests, they will demonstrate your employee’s proper behavior protocols.

However, a safety assessment is not enough. Security is not a one-time action but a process. It is crucial to take further steps. Protect your company from cybercrime, ensure safety against data leakage and theft, counter industrial espionage, and manage your vulnerabilities. Constantly raise the level of security awareness and resilience against the misconduct of your employees and competitors. Protect the networks, data, and hardware. Assure security in the cloud.

What if you are already in, let’s say, a difficult situation? What if you had not protected your organization properly? Someone has stolen the most valuable data, an employee clogged up the IT system by opening the infected file, or you suspect that somebody steals your company’s classified information, and you, fearing the loss of reputation, have no clue how to get out of the dire situation?

In NaviRisk we protect your most valued assets.

  • We protect your work, while simultaneously taking care of the company’s reputation.
  • We help to optimize processes and safeguard your assets in addition to protecting both official and private data of your organization and stakeholders.
  • We see chances, identify risks, and enforce the best organizational, technical, and legislative solutions.
  • We help to efficiently, and above all else, safely achieve business goals that organizations face in the digital world.
  • We protect companies against both deliberate and random internal misconduct such as theft, leakage, wipeout, or modification of the data.
  • We ensure steady operating continuity.
  • We put special emphasis on training and ceaseless enhancement of employees’ security awareness.
  • We counter wire fraud, cyberespionage, sabotage, and malevolent behavior of disloyal employees.
  • We offer support in critical situations and help to develop the strategy to bring stability back to the company.


Investigative information technology, detection of electronic surveillance, and anti-bugging are only a few of the tasks performed by the NaviRisk team.


Our experts, Dedicated Cyber Security Officer (DCSO, CISO) along with their team will support you and your company in critical situations and help to evolve a strategy that will bring stability back.


In NaviRisk we work for you.



Magdalena Jaczewska-Hawryluk

Cybersecurity Consultant


Photo: Unsplash – Philipp Katzenberger

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