July 8, 2022

NaviRisk opens new office in Sweden

The European risk management group NaviRisk continues its expansion by establishing an office in the Swedish capital Stockholm. The new office is part of a strategic plan to help develop transparent business relations and activities between companies and organisations in the Nordic countries, Eastern Europe as well as the CIS countries. Sweden is the fifth market for NaviRisk Group, after opening offices in Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, and Ukraine.

NaviRisk is a leading European risk management consultancy firm. The group works seamlessly on a global level and provides a single source for strategic advice and operational support to organisations with international activities, to assist them in managing risk in a complex world.

“Opening the office in Stockholm is natural step in our expansion plan, although also highly driven by Nordic clients requesting local presence of a reliable partner within this sector”- says founder and group CEO Bartosz Pastuszka. “We very much look forward into further developing the relationship with our Swedish clients as well as to continue our expansion on the Nordic markets” – he adds.

At NaviRisk, we are guided by our business ethics – offering comprehensive support based on mutual trust and respect for our clients’ values. We are committed to ensuring that our clients’ visions, goals, and strategies remain undisturbed and can be realised.
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Contact details Nordic countries:
Fredrik Collenius
+46 (0) 72 90 90 718

More about the locations of our offices: https://wearenavirisk.com/contact/

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