March 7, 2021

Risk and Compliance

Risk, and the more so cybernetic risk, are still not adequately understood or not noticed or treated very superficially. Meanwhile, the fact is that without proper risk estimation and analysis, one cannot talk about an adequate level of security.

The right approach to risk management requires a clear definition of resources that need to be protected – you need to understand what you are guarding and how important it is to you. Next, you should recognise what threats you are protecting yourself from and what the consequences may be if such a threat materialises. It would be best if you also determined the likelihood of an adverse event. Finally, mechanisms need to be built to allow risk reduction and management as well as continuous measurement and response. We carry out a risk analysis of strategic areas of IT infrastructure and optimal recommendations for the company’s IT strategy in the context of efficiently meeting business needs. At the same time, we take into account the minimisation of the effects of materialisation of risks in IT and information security.

Risk and Compliance is closely related to Cyber and Information Security Strategy and Vulnerability Management Services.

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